Stage Hypnosis Training

Discover The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis Training

Discover The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnotist Training

Download Now and Learn Online - Anywhere in the World!

David Knight Stage Hypnotist and Trainer

Over 30 Years Professional

Performed over 6,000 Hypnosis Shows

48 Countries around the world

60,000 Volunteers Hypnotised

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"One of the worlds most in demand Stage Hypnotists and The Worlds Number One Stage Hypnosis Training Course."

Stage Hypnosis is still one of the worlds best kept secrets of all time but this course is about to reveal all.

Would you like to know the secrets to Rapid Hypnotic Inductions?
All the Secrets of Stage Hypnosis.

Here at last is the Stage Hypnosis Training program and apprenticeship that teaches the true secrets known by the magical Stage Hypnotist!  This new stage hypnosis training program for 2016 is the only program available in the UK today that has been written by a professional performing Stage Hypnotist and includes all the information and training you will require to become a licensed Stage Hypnotist and registered with the Hypnosis Circle, regulated and licensed in accordance with local authority and the 1952 stage hypnosis act.
Nothing is held back in this powerful course and you will soon have all the secret powers of the Stage Hypnotist revealed to you, GUARANTEED.
Discover the secrets to the worlds fastest and most powerful inductions for your hypnotherapy business, all with the back up and support of the UK's leading hypnosis organisation, The Hypnosis Circle.

If you are serious about becoming a Professional Stage Hypnotist this amazing home study course teaches you all you need, YES, ALL YOU NEED to be able to easily and safely hypnotise people whenever and where ever you want!

Stage Hypnosis Training by home study with hands on training and support.
The course begins with home study by purchasing the Stage Hypnosis manual. The manual comes with hypnosis audio and training videos to support your learning.

The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed.

This course reveals everything you need to know to perform the magic of Stage Hypnosis.

The Course Includes:
A 200 Page Stage Hypnosis Manual
4 Hypnosis Training Videos
Hypnosis Audio
Optional 2 Days UK Hands on Training with David Knight
Hypnosis Circle Membership

4 Key Stages of Hypnosis Training

Stage Hypnosis Training Part One

The Home Stage Hypnosis Study Manual

Once the training program has been purchased you will download the course instantly from this web site. The training program can be studied in your own time and pace.

The training program carries amazing training information that will simply blow your mind as the true secrets of the magical Stage Hypnotist will be revealed to you.

This Stage Hypnosis Training Course comes with 4 Training Videos revealing all the amazing secrets of the hypnotic inductions. Video One shows the full induction process. No secrets are held back here, watch as David Knight The Worlds Fastest Hypnotist reveals the magic! The Second Video shows a Trainee Stage Hypnotist go through the 2 days training and then perform his very own stage show the following night! 2 More Videos will show you how to put your very own hypnosis show together and then to promote your new Stage Hypnosis Business.

The Stage Hypnosis Training Course Will Include:

A Stage Hypnosis Induction Video

A Promotional Stage Hypnosis Video

A Stage Hypnosis Show Induction Video (As seen on TV)

A Full Hypnosis Stage Show Video

Powerful Stage Hypnosis Music

Stage Hypnosis Training Part Two

Personal Video Conference Calls

The Training Manual is split into 4 powerful training modules.

Each of the 4 modules comes with a powerful video conference call with David Knight,

No matter where you are in the world video training has never been so easy. You will link through the Internet to David Knight in personal and David Knight will guide you through each training module of the course guiding and demonstrating each hypnosis technique.

The Personal Video Conference Calls Will Include:

Stage Hypnosis Suggestibility

Stage Hypnosis Secret Keys

Creating Your Own Stage Hypnosis Show

Hypnosis Circle On Going Support

Stage Hypnosis Training Part Three

Further Hands on Training or Video Conferencing

Once you have completed the home study part of the manual you will then have the option to attend a 2 day hands on training program with your Tutor and Master Hypnotist, David Knight. The 2 days hands on training takes place at our training hotel in North Yorkshire.


You will have the
option to complete further training via the Internet through 4 more training video conference calls

Stage Hypnosis Training Day 1
The Mind Persuader Secrets

Day one you will discover the secrets to the subconscious mind!
The power of hypnotic suggestion
The 9 secret keys to hypnosis
Stage Hypnosis suggestibility
The power of persuasion only known by Stage Hypnotists
The secrets to hypnotic control
Creating a hypnotic contract

Stage Hypnosis Training Day 2
Hypnotic Inductions and Show Preparation
Learn and Practise Power inductions
Speed and Instant inductions
Fallback Inductions
Rapid Hypnosis Deepens
The worlds fastest induction!
Creating your very own hypnosis show
Hypnosis Law and Regulations
The Hypnosis Circle
The Show Performance
Booking and Licensing your stage show
Getting a Manager and Agent
The 1952 Stage Hypnosis Act

Stage Hypnosis Training Part Four

The Hypnosis Circle Support System

Now that you have completed the home study course and 2 days training you have all the knowledge and skill to be able to perform your very own hypnosis show. What an amazing way to enjoy yourself and create income.

Stage Hypnotists are highly respected Masters of the entertainment world and can command a high fee for their specialism. As a Stage Hypnotist you can enjoy the high celebrity life style the position brings, along with a high income potential.

Stage Hypnotists are still rare performers and their acts are very much in demand. Once you have completed your training the support continues through The Hypnosis Circle.

The Hypnosis Circle Membership offers you:

Ongoing support and guidance for your business

Ongoing stage hypnosis scripts and support

Membership certificate

1 Full year of free membership

Governed by local government and the stage hypnosis act

Guaranteed stage hypnosis insurance with a massive saving!!

Monthly support and annual training

On completion of the training you will receive a certificate of professional stage hypnosis training.

You will also receive certificate of membership to the Hypnosis Circle.
These certificate along with our professional code of conduct will enable you to perform your hypnosis stage show across the UK and Worldwide.

Now you can call yourself a Stage Hypnotist.

You can order the Stage Hypnosis Training Course online and even pay in 4 easy payments if you wish to speak or even have a conference call with David Knight before you order please contact us to arrange a free private chat with Master Trainer David Knight.

David Knight B.A.Hyp.
Master Hypnotist and Traininer.
A Member of Equity and
The Hypnosis Circle

UK Mobile: +44 7721 000999
UK Office: +44 844 6655 333

E-mail Support and Contact

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